Fast Forwarding Time with Technology Updates on the Las Vegas Strip

Over the years, the Las Vegas strip has seen thousands of changes. Whether those changes were to add more lights or to liven up the place, many involved various forms of technological advancements. The strip that we see today when we demand to take a trip to Las Vegas is not in any way the original strip that was there. Even thought there is a lot of nostalgia involved in the Vegas strip, there is a lot of new and improved technology there too. In many ways, Vegas is a city of the future with a touch of the past all rolled into one.

One example is the overhead lights. Part of the strip has been closed to vehicles, and the overhead of the pathway was lit up with millions of lights. The best part is that they are controlled via computer. If the user of the computer wants, they can choose anything from making the lights respond to music to making them shut off completely. Hopefully the latter never happens at night, or there will be a lot of lost people.

Another part that technology has played in developing the Las Vegas Strip is that there are more services available to help attract attention to the various casinos or hotels along the strip. Whether the entertainment involves a computer controlled fountain or just a few anamatronic dolls, technology has played a huge roll in being able to get the attention of the passerby and making them more interested in wanting to check out the inside of the casino.

Technology has even changed how security is handled on the strip. Instead of the security guards having to receive complaints or see you with their own eyes, they can simply watch via videotaped footage and catch thieves and cheats in the act of getting into trouble. Thankfully they do not punish them the way that they once did. They used to cut off a finger or a whole hand in retaliation for these crimes, because of technology, they are now allowing the law enforcement to be able to handle these issues instead, because with the proof that is handed over via the technology, the judicial system is able to respond accordingly, instead of it being a case of just witness statement from the casino security guard and defendant.

Through technological changes, people are also able to do a lot when they are on the strip. They can order a meal at one of the many restaurants, go shopping at various gift shops, and even order a ride from within the casino via the internet or their personal smart phone. This allows the strip to be more accessible to more people. With the ordering your food before you get to the restaurant, because you can get there, be seated, and enjoy your meals.

One issue that comes from technology is that a lot of the machines are turning out to be updated to a more computerized one. This is a problem for many with the slot machines especially, because they used to look forward to hearing the coins fall into the bucket or cup. This has always made many casino customers very happy to hear that. While the new way is better at protecting the gambler, it is also making a lot of people upset to be missing the sounds of Las Vegas that they used to enjoy.

Technology is a blessing and a curse to Las Vegas, because there is no easy way of knowing when enough technology is enough. So, casino owners and city officials keep updating as new technology comes out. However, not always is the technology going to appeal to those that really pay the bills, the gamblers and residents.

Technology in a large tourist town, like Las Vegas, is a necessary evil. It is used as a means of protecting the people that visit and the ones that live or work there. It is also used as a means of attracting new customers. Without the new technological advances, people may end up feeling like Las Vegas becomes too old or outdated and may choose to spend their time and money elsewhere. So, Vegas has to stay ahead of the game and make people want to keep coming back for more. That is why a lot of the invention conventions are known for taking place out in Las Vegas, because this helps them to get first shot of the newest and greatest technological advances. In many ways, Las Vegas is truly a city of the Future.